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Corporate social responsibility

The Law Firm "Dynasty" tends to be in line with the best world standards and devotes much attention to corporate social responsibility. Social projects of the firm in 2013-2015 are:

  • Projects aimed to develop business and juridical science.

    Within the projects aimed to develop business and legal science in Ukraine, the lawyers of the Law Firm "Dynasty" take part in professional and sectorial conferences, forums and round-table discussions, cooperate with Ukrainian mass media and make some scientific, advisory and practical publications.
  • Educational projects for students.

    The Law Firm "Dynasty" cooperate with the League of students under the All-Ukrainian social organization "Ukrainian lawyers association" (The law firm acts as an organizer and sponsor of such events as "Open day in a law firm for students", All-Ukrainian companies law schools and others). Besides, since 2012 there has been an in-depth training program for talented law students of Ukrainian universities. During this period, more than 20 students put their knowledge into practice and were well into the work of our company.
  • Educational projects for employees, clients and partners.

    In order to develop vocational competence and to obtain some new knowledge our staff regularly attends different trainings, master-classes and seminars. Besides, since 2011 the corporate English language courses for everyone have been carried out on continuing basis.

    In order to maintain an effective dialogue with the partners and the clients, as well as to be on friendly terms with the latter, the Law Firm "Dynasty" carries out different business-lunches and business-seminars.
  • Educational projects on training of judges in Ukraine.

    Lawyers of the Law Firm "Dynasty" give lectures for judges within the program of judges training in Ukraine. This program is worked out by the Dnepropetrovsk regional branch of the Ukrainian National School of Judges.
  • Сharity projects.

    The Law Firm "Dynasty" is involved in the implementation of various charity programs.

Coffee with a lawyer

"Coffee with a lawyer" 2015

Coffee with a lawyer2014

"Coffee with a lawyer" 2014

Students League

Students League of the UBA


Business-breakfast: "Debt "wars".
Non-traditional methods of debts collection"


Business-breakfast: "New search! New seizure!
Legal recipes of hospitality"


the military of 17-th separate motorized-infantry battalion of 57

Command and the military
of 17-th separate motorized-infantry battalion




"Taxpayers' Association of Ukraine"

Students League of the UBA

Students League of the UBA, 2012

Students League of the UBA

Students League of the UBA, 2014

Students League of the UBA

Students League of the UBA, 2015


ELSA Dnipropetrovsk, 2015

Students League of the UBA

Students League of the UBA, 2016

Подяка_Український форум благодійників

Український форум







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