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Criminal Law

Competent and opportune legal advice will help to avoid violations of the current legislation, evaluate potential risks for the company or, in the case of opening a criminal proceedings - correctly determine the strategy and tactics of the protection, also to terminate the criminal prosecutions at the stage of pre-trial investigation.

Attorneys of the Law Firm "Dynasty" specialize in Criminal law have deep practical experience of successfully Client's' rights protection at any stage of the criminal proceedings.

We offer our Clients a full range of high quality legal services in the field of criminal law.


The Criminal Code of Ukraine of 05/04/2001 № 2341-III

The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine of 13/04/2012 № 4651-VI.


  • representation the Client's interests before the control and law enforcement authorities;
  • sending attorney's inquiries, collecting an evidence base, which confirming the innocence of committing a criminal offense;
  • complex protection the Client's interests on the pre-trial stage;
  • appealing unlawful decisions or omissions of investigator, prosecutor or investigating judge;
  • protection of the Client's interests, during the consideration of criminal proceedings, in the courts of all levels;
  • representation the victim's interests in the criminal proceedings;
  • preparation and handling of civil claims in criminal proceedings;
  • analysis of transactions, documents, actions the company’s corporate officials for the purpose of criminal law compliance and for the criminal law risks minimization.


2013, 2015-2017 Dynasty Law Firm and the partners of the company were recommended by "Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients" (The project of Legal Practice Publishment) in the practice area of Criminal Law/White-Collar Crime.

TOP 50

For more than 10 years Dynasty Law Firm enters the top 50 law firms in Ukraine (according to ratings of publications "Legal Practice" – professional journal of Ukrainian lawyers).

The company's office in Dnipro is the leading one among law firms of the region.


The "GVardiya law firms 2013" rating had recognized Dynasty Law Firm as one of the most open domestic law firms.

TOP 100

According to the rating of "TOP 100 Rating of the best companies in Ukraine 2012" (publishing house "Economy") Dynasty Law Firm was included in the top 50 of the best law firms in Ukraine.


Deputy Chief of a large medical center

Criminal trial protection under article 191, pt.3 and article 366, pt.1of the Criminal Code. Sanctions article 191, pt.3 1of the Criminal Code. Verdict – guilty. Punishment – below lower limit without deprivation of freedom.

Mayor of a city of oblast subordinance.

Legal protection against charge of evasion of taxes for a total amount of 27 000 000 UAH under article 212 pt.3 of the Criminal Code.

Alcoholic products manufacturing company.

Legal protection against charge of corruption offences. A charge was dismissed in a judicial proceeding.

Protection of interests of the affected party in a financial resources fraud case amounting to 4 000 000 UAH.

An indemnification agreement with the suspect was reached and finalized.



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