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Family Law

The Dynasty Law Firm provides services in the field of Family Law in all issues related to the preparation to the marriage, during it and during the process of divorce.


The Family Code of Ukraine dated 10/01/2002 № 2947-III

The Civil Code of Ukraine dated 16/01/2003 № 435-IV

The Law of Ukraine "About the State Registration of Acts of Civil Status" dated 01/07/2010 № 2398-VI


  • preparation of a marriage contracts;
  • legal assistance in divorces and division of marital property;
  • definition of parental rights execution;
  • collection of the child support funds;
  • withdrawal and limitation of parental rights;/li>
  • adoption and cancellation of adoption;
  • establishment and challenge the fact of paternity;
  • imposing criminal liability of persons evading the payment of alimony;
  • drafting of testaments, inheritance contracts, agreements and other documentation in the area of family law;
  • establishment of guardianship and trusteeship, placement of children, deprived of parental care;
  • testamentary succession and legal succession, the rights to the inheritance legalization..

TOP 50

For more than 10 years Dynasty Law Firm enters the top 50 law firms in Ukraine (according to ratings of publications "Legal Practice" – professional journal of Ukrainian lawyers).

The company's office in Dnipro is the leading one among law firms of the region.


The "GVardiya law firms 2013" rating had recognized Dynasty Law Firm as one of the most open domestic law firms.

TOP 100

According to the rating of "TOP 100 Rating of the best companies in Ukraine 2012" (publishing house "Economy") Dynasty Law Firm was included in the top 50 of the best law firms in Ukraine.




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